Mystery horse wins big race!
Few months ago there was the "drake" shipwreck. Remember? The only survivors were Alec Rasmay and his loyal horse what he calls the BLACK. After the shipwreck Alec and the Black jumped into the cold dark ocean. The Black had a rope attached to him and on the other side was drenched cold Alec Rasmay holding on desperately over the crashing waves. After all those hours hanging on, they finally came to land. They lived on the island with the fuel of seaweed. After the months of harsh survival, Alec's shelter burnt. Unfortunately now, he had no shelter. Fortunately the fire caught attention of nearby sailors. And of course they got back to there happy peaceful home in NYC.
And.. Oh yes about the mystery horse winning! As you know that after the race that the mystery horse was the Black. (For some of you that know him.) On the starting point all the horses made a great start, but by a half way there Sun raider who wanted to beat the other horses got too much tempura bubbling in him. Than his temper got to high than he kicked the proud Black beating him. But sure that didn't slow him down! It was turned around. Instead of the black going slower the blood dripping pain made him go faster. WAY faster. Than is fascinating part. He went faster, than faster, and faster than pasted the line. And guess what? He broke the record! So far what I said have 3 amazing event. 1 He broke the record 2 about the only surviver3 the big race. This is the end of our

CNN report. See ya' later at the morning news!

I'm Josh