KUNG PANDA 2: The Greatest Movie Ever!

                When Pixar first created the movie Toy Story, people knew the face of animation had been changed forever. Fast forward seventeen years and animation movies are still growing strong, even making as much revenue in theaters as regular movies. I have seen countless animation movies over the years, but none can compare to the sheer brilliance of Kung Panda 2 (KP2). I enjoy Kung Fu Panda because it is funny, emotional and revolutionary.

                To begin withI enjoy KP2 because it is funny. There have been many funny animation movies in the last 5 years, but none as funny as KP2. In fact, not even the first KP was as funny as KP2. I believe the reason why KP2 was so funny was because they chose the perfect voice cast. An example is of Seth Rogen, who was cast as the Mantis: he was hysterical. Without a doubt, KP2 employed many elements that made it hilarious and that is one of the reasons why I enjoyed it so much.

                Another reason why I enjoy KP2 was because it is emotional. Poe the Panda found himself questioning his identity because he did not know who his real parents were. Emotions were stirred because the audience got to share in Poe’s plight: witnessing him struggle to defeat a fairly simple foe. Many movies fail to evoke sheer emotion, but KP2 did so with very simple factors—for this reason, I truly enjoy seeing it.

                LastlyI enjoy KP2 because it is revolutionary. A number of years ago, the matrix introduced kung fu to the movie world with high intensity; similarly, KP2 has seamlessly brought kung fu to animation world. A number of animation movies have had action fused into them, but none done so well as KP2. Clearly, KP2 is revolutionary in its intentions and that is another reason why I enjoy it so much.

                Kung Panda 2 is an animation movie I enjoy and I enjoy it because it is funny, emotional and revolutionary. If we fast-forward seventeen more years, we’ll discover that another movie changed the face of animation; but one thing we won’t find is a movie as enjoyable as Kung Fu Panda 2.


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The essay is based on a silly topic, but I hope you get the idea. Besides the greatest animation in the world is a Bugs Life.