Fern is a normal schoolgirl living in the coutryside until one day. One morning, Fern is allowed to have a pig that is a runt. This occurrence changes her life. Beginning from that day, she takes care of the pig that she calls "Wilbur." But after a few weeks, Fern is forced by her father to sell the pig to her uncle, Mr.Zuckerman. Despite the fact that Fern came to Mr. Zuckerman's barn to see him everyday, Wilbur is feeling bored and extremely lonely. So when a spider named Charlotte offers to be his friend, he accepts her offer. But after hearing that he'll be killed to be made into bacon and ham around Christmas from the old sheep, he feels very despondent and depressed. Being his best-friend, Charlotte  promises Wilbur that she will not let him get killed. And she succeeds in doing that, and as a result, Wilbur became famous and Mr.Zuckerman decides to take Wilbur to the fair for a competition. Read this book if you want to find out what Charlotte does to save Wilbur's life  and to find out what will happen at the fair.