The Trumpet of the Swan is a story about a young Trumpeter Swan named Louis. His parents were very worried about him because he was born with a speech defect. He couldn't speak at all. But even though he can't talk, Louis knows he could learn to read and write. So he gets into school with the help of a boy named Sam. When it was time for mating season, his parents plan to get a trumpet so Louis can imitate the sound of the mating call (Ko-Ho). His father flies to the store and steals an expensive trumpet. Then Louis starts to practice. Louis got better and better! Then, Louis gets a job at Camp Kookooskoos. He goes to Camp Kookooskoos, with his new best friend Sam. He kept going to different places to get the same job. Playing the trumpet. At the end of the book, Louis falls in love with a swan named Serena. He also collected enough money to pay his father's debts. This story is about love, patience, and determination. I enjoyed this book. And I think you would too!