No talking is about a boy namre Dave that Quarreled against Linsey. 

They quarreled that wich type of human talks less- girl or boy. They tried not to talk anywhere. The type that talks less will win. They would have get through every period without a word. All the teachers tried to foind the problem but nobody except the principle found out. At every lunchtime when it was so loud she needed a bullhorn, it was dead silent for 2 lunch periods. But when she got a really hot temper she shouted "WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM! tALK NOW !!" But nobody answered. Than she went to dave and told him to give an explination. he didn't the first time. The second time HE shouted" WE HAVE THE RIGHTS NOT TO TALK! IF WE DON'T WAN'T TO TALK WE DON'T! WE CAN DO WHAT WE WANT TO DO AND YOU CAN'T STOP US!!" Than the principal seeming to cry went to her office. dave finished his lujnch and after that, he went to the principal's office. When he got ther e it seemed like the principal was crying but by the time he got out the principal joined. Later when the contest ended it wasa tie.74 to 74.